Bulgarian Letters

Letter – Computer Program-Game With Bulgarian Letters

BUKVENKA is a computer educational program-game with Bulgarian letters, syllables, words. It is designed mainly for preschool children (4-7 years), but is also interesting for children aged 8-10.

Arouses children’s interest in letters, syllables, writing words, in a more attractive way for them – as a computer game

Strengthens children’s positive attitude towards the world – with beautiful illustrations, acting presence in the sound system, rewarding with prizes of search and discovery

Builds the self-confidence of children as Bulgarians – the game presents the Bulgarian letters, syllables, words, atmosphere and the characters from the native forest tales

BUKVENKA has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science as a textbook in Bulgarian language for pre-school preparation by order № RD 09-573 / 17.05.2004 of the Minister of Education and Science.

Through BUKVENKA the children learn the Bulgarian letters with pleasure and joy, practice the syllables and write words. Favorite characters from the Bulgarian forest tales “talk” to the child and “approve” his achievements. The letters are presented with animation and musical accompaniment by an instrument whose name begins with the same letter. The play is richly illustrated by the artist Milen Lichkov in a traditional national spirit. The child has an incentive to find the right answers, to show dexterity and wit through the “reward stickers”. With them he arranges the beautiful computer “Album for awards”.

LETTER  includes the games:

“Presentation of letters” with animation and music When you click with the mouse on the letter, an illustration of an object appears, “dance” of the letter and music from an instrument whose name begins with the same letter! The name of the instrument is visible if the mouse moves over the “notes” image. The letters are divided into groups according to their study in the primer. Go to the next groups of letters – through Winnie the Pooh, and to the next games – through Hedgehog, Rabbit, Turtle and the book-album.

“Assembling the letters” With the mouse the child “grabs” part of the letter and “puts” it in the appropriate place. Upon successful arrangement, Ezhko “congratulates” and gives a prize – “flower”. After three successfully assembled pairs of letters, the new “sticker” for the “Award Album” is shown.
“Playing with cubes” The bunny asks “for a cube with a certain syllable. With the correct answer, different models of cubes are built. When each of the cube models is completed, a small surprise begins … the model moves to the sounds of music. A “prize – sticker” also appears. The game covers all syllables and letter combinations for the respective groups of letters from the primer.

“Falling letters for the words” The child “catches” with the magnifying glass a moving letter (presses the right mouse button while holding it down) for the word shown in the picture. He tries to put it in its place under the picture (releases the mouse button). If this is the correct letter, when “released”, it will stay there, and if not … it will “escape” again. New words with pictures are loaded by the arrow in the current picture of the word. If the word is spelled correctly – congratulations and a reward.

“Awards album ” An animated album with original pictures, where the children arrange the “stickers” won during their successes in the other parts of the game. Topics included: “Forest playground”, “Street in the woods”, “Train”, “Bear’s room”, “Circus”, “Mom’s love”.
Game installation: The game runs on computers with operating system WINDOWS 95,98,2000, NT, XP. It starts automatically when you insert the disc into the disc drive or from the BUKVENKA.exe file on the game CD.

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