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Abdominoplasty Surgeons

Posted by on March 28, 2014

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the removal of extra loose skin and fat from the abdominal region. In most scenarios, it is meant to restore separated and weakened muscles changing the abdominal profile to a smoother and firmer shape. Medical professional do not recommend it as a substitute for weight loss or any other exercise program. It is possible to achieve a flat tummy without undergoing the surgery and many cosmetic surgeons advice their patients to make it a last resort after exercise and dieting fails. Some of the things to consider before choosing abdominoplasty surgery include

· The results of the surgery are permanent, however changes on diet or weight in future may change the way a person looks. For people who still consider having babies should postpone the process for a later date.

· Tummy tuck is not considered as a treatment for stretch match although the operation removes stretch marks in the area with excess skin. Complete mommy makeover can be accomplished through liposuction Seattle.

· Consider the costs and whether your health insurance may cover some of the cost involved during procedure.

· Consult your surgeon before the process and get answers to all questions you may have.

Before choosing abdominoplasty surgeon, it is vital to consult friends who have had the procedure. Moreover, look for more information online by checking, surgeons with a vast experience and results are the most appropriate in this case. Customer feedback is another way to determine how previous clients felt about the procedure and the entire process. It is beneficial to have several options to choose from, visiting the hospital or where the operation will occur is vital to ensure all things are in check. With the current rise of unscrupulous surgeons on the internet, it is essential that you ask for certification from the necessary national board. After choosing the best surgeon, discuss some of these issues with the surgeon

· Medical history – any preexisting conditions may pose a risk on the entire process hence it is important to disclose as much information to the doctor for your own safety.

· Possible complications and risks- the surgeon will discuss with you all the risks and complications that are associated with the surgery. If you are on medications inform the doctor for him or her to make a wise decision on the medication you will use later or during the process. It also helps to determine whether you have reaction to certain drugs or anesthesia.

· The consultation and guidance process will help the patient to be fully prepared for the surgery and make a decision before any incision.

Abdominoplasty Operation

There are two classes of abdominoplasty this include, full abdominoplasty and partial abdominoplasty. Full abdominoplasty removes excess skin and tightens muscles around the whole abdominal area including the navel. Partial abdominoplasty on the other hand, removes excess skin below the navel and tightens the lower abdominal muscles only.

Some of the things to expect after operation may include

· Numbness around the abdominal region

· Tugging sensation on the abdomen

· Swelling and bruising before healing

In summary, abdominoplasty surgeons will help you identify the right procedure based on the extent of fat deposit, excess skin, and health condition of the patient.